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Safety & Security: The objective is to deliver more effective and accountable policing services. The focus of activities will be on enhancing the service delivery capacity of the police and associated institutions as well as building partnerships across the security sector that will enhance responsiveness and accountability.
Justice: The objective is to improve access to justice and equitable results. Activities in this component will concentrate on enhancing the capacity of formal and informal justice institutions to deliver justice to all Nigerians effectively and efficiently, to ensure that all Nigerians are able to access and use all appropriate avenues to achieve justice and protect their rights.
Anti-Corruption: The objective is to strengthen the effectiveness of selected anti-corruption agencies. This component will focus on building the capacity of Nigerian anti-corruption agencies to work together to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute corruption cases across Nigeria.
Cross-Sector Coordination: The objective is to enhance cross sector coordination, linkages and oversight. The focus of activity in this component is on strengthening relationships and coordination between institutions from across the entire justice sector, including formal, informal and civil society organisations.

Justice for All (J4A) is a partnership between the Nigerian Government and the UK Department for International Development. The programme, funded by the UK government's Department for International Development (DFID), supports Nigerian-led reform of the justice sector. The programme focuses on building the capacity, accountability and responsiveness of key policing justice and anti-corruption institutions and supporting them to work together, alongside civil society and oversight institutions , as part of a coherent, coordinated sector.  By supporting better service delivery at the federal, state and local level, J4A aims to improve the access to security and justice for all Nigerians.

J4A News

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J4A Grant Fund

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J4A Vision

A capable, accountable, responsive and integrated justice sector that is fair, equitable and accessible, with sustainable reform momentum that creates growing user confidence and respect amongst Nigerians.

J4A Goal

To improve personal security and access to justice for all Nigerians.

J4A Purpose

To improve the capabilty, accountability and responsiveness of the key organisations in the justice sector.

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The Justice For All (J4A) programme is a five year programme (2010-2015) managed by the

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